Professional Upkeep at Home

And just like that, we’ve got another weekend in the “q” coming up! Before it starts, we’re hoping to extend our week’s message of keeping busy at home by teaching you a few easy ways to maintain your professional status as well as refresh your network. Keep reading to find out how…

Professional Upkeep at Home…

  • Like we mentioned on Monday… Catch up with mentors, colleagues, and recruiters: At Esquire, we are firm believers in the importance of networking as the underlying framework of all business operations. Now is a perfect time to utilize those relationships you’ve worked hard to build…
    • How to do so:
      1.  Schedule a call to obtain resume feedback and critique.
      2. Schedule a catch-up call and learn more about your colleagues, past coworkers, mentors, or other people’s accomplishments and life updates from the past weeks, month, or even year.
      3. Schedule a call to chat about job opportunities or temporary employment.
      4. Schedule a call to become more informed about industry trends so as to stay up to date with relevant information.
    • As you can see, there are a variety of reasons to catch up with people in your network. Especially in quarantine and whilst having vast amounts of free time, people are more willing and excited to chat than ever before. Take advantage of this downtime in talking and maintaining connections!
  • Send an update to your network: Maybe you aren’t seeking a specific chat or catch-up with one person – if that sounds like you, then we encourage you to explore ways in which you may still update your network about what you’ve been up to this year professionally and personally. I have been personally told by recruiters that doing so keeps “your profile” in their minds, which is somewhat like putting a foot in the door a little advantage for when our economy begins to open and these same people may be looking to hire…
  • Initiate something new… In the same way that people you already know may be more willing or have greater availability to hop on a call during this time, this is also a great opportunity for you to reach out and try out an informational interview or chat with someone who inspires you or holds a position you’re interested in. For this, we are lucky to have LinkedIn!

Connecting and chatting with others (even through a screen) is essential to maintaining a positive outlook and professional profile. So, the next time you find yourself staring at the wall with nothing to do… we encourage you to try out one of the strategies listed above, good luck!

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