Virtual Language

Now that we’re almost all working full-time from home, it is crucial to adapt your body and literal language to a new, online format. So, keep reading today to find out more about specific communication skills that will help you portray your best professional self through the screen…

Best Practices Online…

  • Leave Time to Chat: I’m sure we’re all used to hopping on calls and cutting right to the chase almost immediately. However, when we are not in the office and passing each other by throughout the day, it is all too easy to lose the bits of the day to personally connect and catch-up. So, make sure that when you’re developing your meeting itinerary to include a few minutes for everyone to hop on and share little tidbits about their lives that don’t just revolve around the task at hand.
  • Personal Recognition: Think about how you would behave if someone walked into a meeting you coordinated, or if you walked into a meeting in person. It is common courtesy to greet each new employee who walks into the room, so treat it the same in a video chat! When a new user joins, make sure to say hello and acknowledge their presence to mimic an in-person interaction as much as possible.
  • Incorporate Fun! Now that we spend almost all of our time on screens, we might begin to, even if subconsciously, resent what we constantly see in front of us. For that reason, it’s important to still incorporate bits of fun and laughs into our daily routines. Whether this means a virtual happy hour, coffee chat, lunch date, or even meme-filled chat box, there are many ways to keep things playful and engaging at work.

While the virtual format undoubtedly diminishes components of the socialization that we are all used to, by banning together and collectively altering and updating some of our work behaviors, we can mirror in-person interaction as much as possible! Sharing these tips with your team will help you to be a personal outlet, leader, and admirable professional.

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