Virtual Mentorships

Happy Monday! We hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend with family and friends, and of course keeping safe always. Today, we’re here to help all of our virtual interns navigate their mentor relationships through a screen. If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about initiating these types of interactions, this article is for you. Keep reading here to find out a few easy strategies to implement that will help you cultivate meaningful discussions and interactions…

Keep an Open Mind…

  • Open Up the Door to All Possibilities: It’s easy to feel like you’re seeking mentorship from another employee like you, in a role you’d hope to pursue, or from the same academic or personal background. However, at Esquire. we are firm believers in the importance of all types of networking! It is in the relationships where you connect with people who are not like you that you will learn the most and even identify new areas or roles to pursue in a long term career. Make sure to engage in chats and conversations with employees of all types of identities and responsibilities to gain the most well-rounded understanding of the company at hand.
  • Come Prepared: In order to gain a meaningful amount of knowledge from your conversations, make sure that you are setting up chats with employees that you have a true interest in (whether that be their role, background, accomplishments, etc.). When entering into this conversation, you should have previously conducted a quick search on their background, and a light gauge of their current work so as to avoid taking a large portion of time dedicated solely to introductions. Also, make sure to have a few questions prepared that you can slip into the conversation in the chance that there is a lull or gap.
  • Maintain the Relationship: A coffee chat might be a periodic occurrence, but communication should not be. Make sure to maintain the relationships that you’ve worked to schedule and cultivate! Whether this means a weekly check-in, email update of your recent accomplishments, or a quick link to a relevant article, make sure to keep consistent contact and follow-up after your thank you note!

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