Spicing Up a Resume: Font Edition!

While it’s easy to direct the greatest amount of focus on your resume towards content, we’re here to introduce you to an aspect that may become overlooked: your font choice. While your font choice most likely will not prove the ultimate factor in whether you secure an interview for a new position, it is a great way to set yourself aside or stand out!

Acceptable Resume Fonts…

  • Arial: Arial and Times New Roman have existed as, and continue to receive recognition for their traditional look and appearance, as well as their universal acceptance. If you’re nervous about stepping out of the norm, stick to one of these to maintain a sleek, polished and classic look!
  • Times New Roman: As we mentioned above, Times New Roman is consistently a reliable font! However, in terms of standing out or making an impact, this choice may not be your best.
  • Helvetica: Helvetica is another timeless font! Although differentiated from Arial and Times New Roman, Helvetica is a tasteful, fantastic option for someone looking to maintain a classic look while still branching out.
  • Calibri: As the new default typeface in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Calibri is making waves and growing immensely in popularity! We recommend considering this font as it is clearly a current preference of employers and technological engineers alike. Calibri is modern, cool, and becoming a quick favorite!
  • Georgia: Georgia is another font that proves classic but cool! With a little spin and curvature around the edges, Georgia is a great font for showing personality while maintaining an attractive and professional vibe on your resume.
  • Extra Options: Cambria, Gill Sans, Gill Sans Light, Garamond, Didot, Book Antiqua, Trebuchet MS, or Verdana!

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be that fonts are not everything and are not the end-all-be-all answer to perfecting a resume. However, in a pool among hundreds of other applicants, we continue to encourage you to take any appropriate actions as a means of standing out!

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