January New Job Search: Perfect Timing

With a new year rolling around, many people begin to feel inclined to start their long-awaited job hunt. We’re here to explain to you why you should get a jump start now… at the greatest time of the year for hiring opportunities!

Primarily, the “newness” of the year, entailing refreshed budgets, sales forecasts, new endeavors, or projects allows for many organizations to be able to expand and implement new hiring opportunities. For this reason, it would be highly beneficial for you to stay updated on a list of companies which pique your interest as potential employers. If they appear to be expanding a certain sector of their business that you are interested in, get your foot in the door as soon as possible!

How To Get Started . . .

  • Start as early as possible, and Network! Take advantage of the holiday season and new year celebrations by appreciating being surrounded by a network of supportive family and friends. This is a great time to begin asking whether these people are aware of future company expansions, job opportunities, or any contacts to help you get a head start.
  • Begin Prioritizing: It’s easy to get caught up in long lists of companies, different job titles, and roles, responsibilities, or several other aspects that new career or job entails. To avoid getting distracted, begin by creating a list of “desires” you have in your new job. Whether this focuses on location, specific roles, company size, or culture, understanding your priorities will allow you to narrow in on your job hunt much more quickly.
  • Take time to Refresh and Reboot: Yes, we’re talking about your resume and social media platforms! Is your resume polished, and updated with all of your most relevant experiences? Is your LinkedIn page organized? Is your profile picture professional? There is no better time to refresh all of your professional resources than during the relaxing holiday season!
  • Cover Letter: On the same note as above, we encourage you to set aside a few hours to craft a cover letter that will showcase your motivation, dedication, and enthusiasm to any new company you apply to. Remember, avoid sounding generic, uninterested, or impersonal.
  • Align Your References: Just as you are hopefully experiencing a bit of a work-free relaxation, so are those who you will reach out to as professional references. Take advantage of this “free time” to reach out and request a letter of reference far ahead of when you’ll need it

When to Apply?

We want to encourage you to wait a couple of days or even a week to apply to a new position during the beginning of the year. Our reasoning for this stems from a common understanding that it does, in fact, take some time for companies to get back into their regular routines. Be mindful of this time-window, and extra aware of new job postings and updates on the company websites or other resources.

  • Extra tip: If the company you are interested in does not post job applications directly on their website, try checking out other channels such as indeed.com, monster.com, or LinkedIn!

It is perfect timing to apply to new jobs… so what are you waiting for? Check out our open jobs list today!

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