Tackling Final Exams

It’s the topic we all know and love (well, somewhat?)… final exams! Yes, that’s right, with winter break right around the corner it is likely that most of our college readers are coming up on their finals in the next few weeks. So, the question begs, how on earth are we supposed to start studying and managing our time? Keep reading here to find out our best tips and tricks for tackling the final stretch…

Exam Prep Starts… Now!

  • Prioritizing: It is crucial to be able to prioritize your most important obligations before beginning your study day; otherwise, you will find yourself spread too thin across multiple projects and a headspace full of endless ideas! For that reason, space your exam study schedules out across days, instead of cramming one by one for hours on end in the days leading up. By prioritizing obligations, as well as due dates, you will find yourself on a healthy track towards success.
  • Start Early!
    We know this one is especially easier said than done; however, in order to truly get on top of several different exams, you must hit the books sooner than later. By dedicating a half-hour or some set amount of time each day to each exam or subject matter, you’ll be able to slowly and more effectively absorb large sums of information.
  • Stay in Routine: Most frequently, once courses end and study time periods begin, it is easy to fall out of your regular routine. In order to stay on track with all exams, we encourage you to set a routine for the remainder of your semester so as to hold yourself accountable to measurable goals.
  • Building off of that… Set Measurable Goals: Arguably the greatest, most important takeaway from this article is the value of setting smart, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely goals (SMART acronym)! This way, you will be able to actually track your progress and spread out obligations over a time period instead of cramming at the last moment.

By following the steps outlined above, you are set to avoid the biggest mistake among college students: cramming! Remember, you’ve learned months worth of material, so it will take much more than 24 hours to master information. By setting goals, holding yourself accountable, starting early, and maintaining the same healthy lifestyle as the rest of the semester, you are set for success!

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