Meetings are usually an inevitable part of any job. They can happen in big conference rooms or they can happen over conference calls. There isn’t one specific way to hold a meeting, but there are many ways to dominate them.  Continue reading below to find out our 4 tips on being the best in meetings!

Be Respectful of Time: Tip number 1 is to always respect your colleagues and their time. Meetings aren’t everyone’s favorite and there’s definitely no time to be wasted! Thank your colleagues for taking time out of their schedule to meet and save the small talk for later.

Don’t Over Chat: Don’t talk to the point where no one else can get a word in, and also don’t let anybody do that either. If someone loves to talk and tries to dominate the conversation, just remind everyone that you need to stick to an agenda. Thank them for their comment, and move onto the next topic.

Minimize Distractions: It may be tempting to sit in a meeting and reply to your emails or scroll on social media, but these are all very distracting tasks. If possible, put technology away for the meeting. Paying attention to your colleagues is something that they will notice and appreciate. Try to keep the distractions to a minimum.

Prepare: If you have the meeting agenda, go over it before the meeting. Prepare yourself and any documents you may need to bring. Gather your thoughts and speaking points before so you know what you are walking into. This will help you feel more confident about going into the meeting and you will be very prepared.

These tips will help you feel better about meetings and dominate them! There are so many things you can do to make meetings successful and productive… check out some other ones here!

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Getting through a workday is much easier if you have colleagues that like you! If you feel that all your colleagues hate or dislike you, it can make your days long and hard. You won’t feel miserable at work if people actually enjoy being around you. Understanding and using the following habits should help you gain your fellow colleague’s trust and acceptance!

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a key factor of likable people. If you are able to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and emotions, then you are a self-aware person. Self-awareness can help you consciously identify how people perceive you, which can be helpful in the workplace. Taking ownership of our behavior is one of the first steps of becoming more likable. Sometimes it can be hard for a person to admit their wrongdoings or faults. If you are transparent about your flaws and take accountability for your actions, you will be able to gain that approval from your colleagues.

Managing Stress

One of the reasons you may not be liked in your office could be the way you react to stress. Everyone reacts to stressful situations differently, and some people let these situations get the best of them. Pay attention to how you are treating your colleagues when you are dealing with a difficult or stressful circumstance. Are you taking it out on them or letting it affect your mood? Find new ways and outlets to manage your stress so you can maintain peace with your colleagues. If you feel a stressful task or moment is about to happen, play your favorite music or take a deep breath, and give yourself a moment to calm down. Your workplace will be happier and your coworkers will appreciate you more if you manage stress in a practical way.


Passing judgment happens all day long. It can happen by staring at someone as they walk by or correcting someone who is speaking. These are some of the things you may do subconsciously every day. In order to be likable at work, stop judging your colleagues. Accept people for who they are- flaws and all! Beating yourself or a colleague up over a mistake isn’t productive, it just shows that you are judgmental. Everyone makes a mistake here and there, it is a part of being human. If your colleagues see you as a nonjudgmental person, they will be more open to the idea of liking you.

Try to make these things a habit and you will find that you will be more likable at work!

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